Dr. Mark Janowski

specialist internal medicine

Dr. Mark C. Janowski, MD FACP FAAP

Dr. Mark Janowski (MD, USA) joined the Dubai Physiotherapy and Family Practice Clinic in September 2012. Dr. Janowski brings 10+ years of experience from the United States in the areas of internal medicine, routine gynecology, and pediatrics to share with the Dubai community.

Dr. Mark has practiced in many settings including emergency rooms, hospital wards, and outpatient centers. He completed his medical training at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC in 2001 and arrived in Dubai in 2010.

He worked in the American Hospital Emergency Room before joining us. As a fully licensed internal medicine specialist, Dr. Mark specializes in the diagnosis and management of hypertension, diabetes, hormone disorders, gastrointestinal issues, cardiac issues, weight control, depression, anxiety, and routine gynecological and breast disorders. Dr. Mark may also be found on occasion at the Mediclinic City Hospital Emergency Room, where he does occasional evening shifts on a part-time basis.

Dr. Mark is interested in expanding our ability to perform housecalls. This is an attractive option for the elderly, patients with mobility issues, or those seeking the convenience that a housecall can provide to a busy schedule.

He is experienced in the full range of office procedures including incision and drainage of abscesses and cysts, hemorrhoid evaluations, mole removal, laceration repair, and other routine dermatologic procedures.

In addition to his American Board Certification in Internal Medicine (diseases of adults and the elderly) Dr. Mark is American board-certified in Paediatrics and can evaluate children along with their parents, making family visits more convenient.

Dr. Mark is passionate about living a healthy outdoor lifestyle and is motivated to enable his patients to do the same. He enjoys the opportunities that Dubai provides for an active lifestyle and is frequently cycling, swimming or hiking when not working.

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