Kersten Elliott


Kersten Elliott – Chiropodist / Podiatrist, FSSCh BCPA DipPodMed, HPC Registered

Kersten has over 15 years of experience and as well as routine Chiropody & Podiatry treatments, she is also fully qualified to carry out complete biomechanical assessments and prescribe orthotics. She uses the latest biomechanical assessment technology for clinical analysis (which provides an accurate assessment in just 10 minutes) and custom manufactures orthotics to suit the patient’s specific needs. This assessment is very popular with athletes and those with sports injuries.

Kersten graduated from the SMAE Institute in England in 2001. She is a Fellow of the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association and is registered with the Health Professions Council in England. She has owned and managed a Chiropody & Podiatry private practice in the UK and worked in several GP clinics before moving to Dubai.

At the clinic Kersten is able to offer a wide range of Chiropody & Podiatry treatments.

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