Our Occupational Therapist specialises in Ergonomics in the office and workplace, Occupational Health & Safety, Injury Management, and Manual Handling Training. The emphasis is on human factors, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and workplace safety. We are able to advise and rectify issues you may have within your workplace, i.e. space constriction, placement of furniture, computer/laptop, postural correction and advice on purchase of appropriate equipment.

Our Occupational Therapist demonstrating correct positioning during an Ergonomic Assessment.

Adjusting chair for individual requirements in the office environment.

Do you get shoulder, neck or back pain at work?
Is your desk or Chair making your pain worse?
Do you want Ergonomic tips to prevent pain and injury?
We can help with an office Ergonomics assessment!

What is an Ergonomics Assessment?

An Ergonomic Assessment is an onsite review and adjustment of your desk and workspace so that it is comfortable and safe. An office workstation should allow a worker to sit and perform their duties in comfort and without pain!

During an Ergonomic Assessment an Occupational Therapist (OT) visits your workplace and looks at your desk, workspace and the demands of your job. They identify the areas of risk and then adjust your work area using ergonomic principles. This includes education and recommendations about postures, breaks and correct ergonomic equipment.


Uncomfortable positions for short periods are unlikely to have lasting effects. However UK workers are sitting between 4-9 hours on average per day. There is overwhelming evidence that sitting in poor postures for this long can have a significant negative impact on the body!
When employees are experiencing pain and discomfort at work, an ergonomic workstation assessment can make a huge difference to their recovery!

What can I do?

If you want to know more information about Ergonomics and how we can help then contact our Occupational Therapist at Dubai Physiotherapy and Family Medicine Clinic on 04 349 6333 or email dpc@dubaiphysio.com.