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Pilates Refomer in Injury Rehabilitation

As part of their continuous professional development our Physiotherapy team recently had Pilates Reformer training with Vicki Pettit Polestar, a trained rehab Pilates instructor.

Pilates Reformer Rehab at Dubai Physiotherapy Clinic Pilates Reformer Rehab at Dubai Physiotherapy Clinic

Practitioners say regular Pilates practice can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Pilates is very good at treating, or at least improving conditions such as back pain and muscle injuries. At the clinic we have a Reformer in the gymnasium and our Physios are able to incorporate Pilates Reformer in patients’ rehabilitation when suitable.

What is a Reformer?

Pilates Reformer is a bed like frame with a flat platform on it called the carriage. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of different levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed and pulled along the frame. A variety of exercises for the arms and legs can be carried out in the lying, sitting or standing position focusing on core strength.

How can a Reformer help?

Most injuries are caused by muscular imbalance within the body. This causes too much pressure to be put on some muscles, which in turn weakens them. Pilates strengthens the core of the body and this improves your muscular balance. The resistance that the machinery like Reformers, helps to stretch the muscles intensely and this builds there strength while increasing flexibility. This means you gain a heightened muscular endurance and your body can cope with more rigorous workouts.

Success Story

There are a number of famous examples that show just how effective Pilates can be in recovery from injury. One of the best examples is Great Britain tennis superstar, and currently world number 2 tennis player, Andy Murray. Murray underwent back surgery in 2013 after suffering an injury. He added Pilates to his rehabilitation routine to aid his recovery on the advice of his fitness coach. Since adopting this regime, he has had great success, adding his recent singles win at Wimbledom to his 37 career titles. He claims to be fitter than ever.

To enquire about Pilates Reformer and how it can help you or to to enquire about Physiotherapy treatments, call us on 04 349 6333.


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