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Category Archives: Occupational Therapy & Ergonomics

3 Important Facts about Ergonomics

Ergonomics what?!?!?! You’ve probably heard the word “Ergonomics” mentioned around the office. It triggers images of good sitting posture and an office chair. But do you know what Ergonomics is? Ergonomics is… …. the science of how work affects the body. It is the art of arranging workplaces and environments so that they suit the […]

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Occupational Therapy & Office Ergonomics

Do you get shoulder, neck or back pain at work? Is your desk or Chair making your pain worse? Do you want Ergonomic tips to prevent pain and injury? We can help with an office Ergonomics assessment! What is an Ergonomics Assessment? An Ergonomic Assessment is an onsite review and adjustment of your desk and […]

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